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December 31, 2013
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It was a normal day on the sunny you were sitting in the kitchen reading a book peacefully until you heard,

"AHH NAMI-SWAAN, ROBIN-CHWAAN, (NAME)-CHWAAN!!" You sweat dropped and looked up from your book to see Sanji standing in front of you with hearts in his eyes.

"What is it Sanji-Kun?" You asked looking back down at your book. He kept looking at you with hearts in his eyes.

"Dinners done (Name)-Chwan I wanted you to know~" He said getting closer to you. You just kept backing away and he closer until he was in your personal bubble.

"Sanji, GET. OFF." You said annoyed. He took the signal and got off.

"NAMI-SWAAN!!" He yelled running over to Nami. You sighed and got up trying to find somewhere peaceful to read. Every where was nosy. Sanji was flirting with Nami and Robin, Luffy, Chopper, and Ussop were admiring Franky's cyborg body and crazy hair, and Brooke kept asking to see you Panties. There was only one place that was quiet but there was a certain green haired man sleeping there. Zoro. You had a crush on the swordsman but you didn't want to admit it, the only person who knew was your closest friend Robin. You walked over and sat across from him and sat down to read your book, but the one person who knew decided to help you spread your wings out. So she sprouted arms right under you and pushed you right on top of him. You blushed and glared at her while she just giggled.

"Uggh." You heard him groan. You looked up to see him slowy opening his eyes to see you. He turned a little pink but it wasn't very noticeable.

"Uh..Hi Zoro.." You said trying to find the right words.

"Uh Hey could you get the hell off me?" He asked not looking at you. You blushed and pushed yourself off him and scratched the back of your neck.

"S-Sorry." You said back to him as you scrambled up to your feet to go to dinner. When you got in there you sat next to Robin and glared at her.

"What?" She asked. You just continued to glare.

"You know what Robin." You said to her. She giggled as someone sat next to you. You looked over and saw it just happened to be Zoro. You blushed.

'Of course it had to be Zoro next to me.' You thought to yourself as you bit into your meal. You kept looking back and forth at Zoro and your meal not noticing a certain rubber hand reaching for you food. You noticed it just in time and stabbed his hand with a fork. He took his hand back holding it defensively while everyone else just laughed, even Zoro smirked.

"Good Hit (Name) He deserved it for taking most of the food." Nami said. I smiled at the comment.

"Thanks." I said with a smile. After everyone went to bed it was my turn for watch. I sat in the crows nest looking at the ocean. I almost fell asleep, but I heard footsteps coming up here, I looked to see Zoro coming up.

"Hey Zoro what are you doing up here?" I asked him. He sat next to me and stared at me.

"I couldn't sleep." Was all he replied but I could tell there was something on his mind.

"Zoro? Are you okay? You look spaced ou-" I started but was interrupted when he put his lips on mine. My eyes widened but I kissed back. I felt him smirk as he wrapped his arms around my waist as he brought me closer.

"(Name)-Chwan I can to check on y-" Sanji started but saw me and Zoro. We split apart, I was blushing madly and Zoro was smirking.

"DAMN MARIMO WHAT DID YOU DO TO (NAME)!!" He said pissed trying to kick Zoro. He blocked him and looked into his eyes.

"I kissed the girl I loved duh." He said pushing him off and starting a fight with him on the deck. Everyone was awake at this time watching the fight when Robin came up to me.

"So how was your first kiss (Name)?" She asked me with a small smile. I looked at her and smiled.

"Couldn't have been better."

Just for fun ^^;
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